Long Term Lets in Javea, Moraira and Benitachell

Long Term Rentals

As one of the predominant Long-Term Rental Agents Javea, we at VillaMia are able to provide you with all the information you need when considering taking up a rental property.

Here is our guide to Long Term Renting a property in Spain:

Viewings are normally undertaken on a one-on-one basis with the agent and always confirmed beforehand. Sometimes, however, it is not possible for potential tenants to visit the area before taking up a long-term rental. In these instances, we recommend that the potential renters ask for detailed information about the property, the area, the areas of responsibility (who pays which bills for example), along with requesting any other information that is particularly important to each individual renter. Also ask if it is possible for us to do a video.

It is not usual for a landlord to need to accept offers at a lower monthly rental than the advertised price, as demand for quality properties for long term rental is quite high - particularly around the Northern Costa Blanca. However, it may be possible to pay slightly less than the advertised price if the property has been empty for a while.

Rental deposits can vary, but usually two months’ rent is required as deposit, along with the first month's rent and agents commission of a month's rent plus 21% IVA, like VAT in the UK. Therefore, it is very normal to be required to pay over four months’ rent up front. The two months deposit and agents commission are non-refundable if the potential tenant changes his/her mind and pulls out of the rental. If the contract is done before the full deposit paid any holding fee will be lost.

Most long-term rental contracts in Spain 12-month contracts renewable for up to 5 years and most contracts will be in both Spanish and English. Generally, contracts should detail the rental period, amount of rental, when the rent is due, who is responsible for paying the bills, and clauses prohibiting subletting, using the property for commercial use and not making any structural changes to the property. There should also be a clause referring to the deposit monies paid.

Usually, the utility bills (water, electric and gas) are paid for by the tenants by changing the direct debits with the utility companies. Bills for utilities are sent out (and taken from the bank account) every month usually for electricity and every other month for water and gas, so unless this date conveniently coincides with the rental start or end date, there is often a little sensible apportioning to be done.
Usually, telephone, Wi-Fi and television are at the cost of the tenant.
Local taxes and any applicable community fees are generally paid by the landlord, whilst pool and garden maintenance can vary per property. There is also the basura (rubbish tax) which is around 125 euros for the year so owners normally pay this and tenants reimburse them - which is also put in the contract.

Upkeep of the Property During the Rental Period
It is the responsibility of the tenants to ensure that the condition of the property and, where applicable, the garden is maintained, and any cost of cleaning and slight damage should be incurred by the tenants during the rental period.
Here in Spain, humidity is high and tenants are responsible for ensuring that properties are well ventilated, especially during winter months when heating is in use.
Any machinery failure, such as washing machines or boilers, should be checked by a qualified technician via the agent and costs of repair apportioned as per the findings of the technician. Usually, the costs for these repairs will be for the landlord, as both of these failings are due to simple wear and tear, but if damage has been caused by the tenants then they are responsible for paying the repair bill. These situations are usually dealt with quickly and logically by the agent.

Return of the Deposit
The deposit is transferred to the landlord once contracts are signed by them and should be returned in full at the end of the rental period, minus any damage, breakages or unpaid bills. Usually, if the tenants break the contract before the end of the rental agreement, the owner is within his/her rights to retain the deposit money. If you have any concerns about the landlord and are worried it may not be returned please let us know as we may be able to come to a compromise where we hold the last 2 months rent and organise the return of the deposit. The landlord needs to check the final utility bills so please allow a few weeks for the return of the deposit but if it is dragging on please let us know as we can get copies of the previous bills and estimate what is owing if needed.

Some properties will accept pets, whilst other owners prefer not - if not stated you should check with the agent before committing to a property. Some urbanisations simply do not allow pets, and therefore it is not always the decision of the owner.

Furniture & Furnishings
If the property is being rented wholly or part furnished, an inventory list should be provided. If this is not provided by the owner, we as the agent take photographs which are dated and kept on file.  This list/photographic record should be checked by the owner or the agent at the end of the rental period to ensure that all items are still present in the property (this should be done with the tenant to ensure agreement). VillaMia now recommends video inventories which we can organise from 75 euros. It is the owners responsibility to provide an inventory or we can at an additional cost.

Who to Call during the Rental Period
This depends who is "managing" the rental? Sometimes agents are retained to simply source tenants and are not required to participate further in the rental. In this case, the tenants should address any queries directly to the owner.
In other instances the agent provides the first point of contact and then liaises with the owner. In this case, queries should be addressed to the agent.

Energy certificate
Owners renting for a long term will need an energy certificate by law. If you would like a copy please ask VillaMia.

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