Long Term Lets in Javea, Moraira and Benitachell

If you rent off VillaMia

Thank you for renting your property via VillaMia. If you are unsure who to contact with any problems please ask – as it depends if the owners have retained us to manage the rental or if they want to deal directly with you.


Either way, please see some useful information below….


Unless otherwise agreed, the bank direct debits will be changed over to your bank account and you are therefore going to be debited the next time that the bills are due. The water (usually AMJASA) is every other month and electricity (Iberdrola) monthly. Both usually take actual readings, but you can see on your actual bills if it is estimated or an actual reading. The gas companies won’t allow us to change the direct debit so if you have mains gas then the owner will normally pay, and you reimburse them once bills received or the owner may prefer to do the change over themselves

Please note, it is the tenant’s responsibility to ensure that there are enough funds in the bank to cover the bills and to ensure that all bills are paid. If you are unsure, please let us know and we can check for you as if there is an unpaid bill you will be cut off in the future.

If there is gas in the property (from either bottles or a tank), it is the tenant’s responsibility to check levels and order refills. We can of course do this if needed.

If you are responsible for the rubbish bill (in the contract and called basura) and once received by the owner, this will be forwarded to you so you can reimburse the owner – this is about 10 euros a month.

Once you have a Spanish bank account please let us know and we will also need your NIE number. There will be a form for you to sign for the water and electricity changeover.


A standing order must be set up BY YOU to pay the rent monthly, on or before, the contracted date.

The owner’s bank details are on the contract. Please ask your bank to make the payment to the owner’s bank account each month automatically.

It is your responsibility, not the bank’s, to ensure that there are sufficient funds in the account and to ensure that the rent is paid on time every month.

The rent must be paid every month up to the end of the rental contract. The deposit money cannot be used as rent during the last months.

Clean/ Inventory:

You should have an inventory list or photographs. If you do notice anything is broken, marked etc. please let us know so this can be kept on file and you are not blamed at the end.

The property should also be clean and be the same when handed back. If you are not happy with anything, please let us know. Please note, long term cleans include floors and windows but not a deep clean so on top or inside cupboards or wardrobes. If you want a more thorough clean, it will cost 15 euros per hour.

If the owner has left personal items there, please box them up and store these or let us know and we can check what can be disposed of.


We endeavour to ensure that everything in the property is in good working order before the start of the rental period.

If anything does not work correctly – at any time during the rental period – please contact us with all the details (if machines are not working, please let us have the make and model where applicable). Send pictures via WhatsApp or email if possible.

We will then contact the relevant technician to visit the property at a convenient time to ascertain the problem and to resolve as quickly as possible.

Of course, it is not always possible for the issue to be resolved on the first visit. In these cases we will ask the technician to resolve the problem at the earliest opportunity.

And, of course, we often have to refer back to the owners to make decisions on how they would like some issues to be resolved.

Please note, all repairs/works in the property are to be managed solely by VillaMia and any repairs that are due to tenant misuse – or unnecessary callouts – will be charged to the tenants.

Finally, some owners may have a room or cupboard locked with their personal items. They will not normally need access during the rental. If they do, this will of course be approved by you in advance.

If the rental is not managed please be aware this is where our work finishes - we prepare the contract and move you in and sort the first shared utility bills - anything else you need to contact your landlord direct. Please note if your landlord is Spanish and you do not speak the language, then you need to organise a translator or google translate is a good start. If you want to go through VillaMia the cost is 15 euros per hour.

General Upkeep / Maintenance:

It is the tenants’ responsibility to ensure that the property and its grounds are kept in a good condition throughout the rental period. It is not acceptable, for example, to neglect the upkeep of the property or garden until the end of the rental period.

Please be aware that there can be high humidity in this area, and that it is important to keep all properties well ventilated, especially during the winter months. Owners will not be liable for any damaged personal property so it is best to buy dehumidifiers for wardrobes from a supermarket or one of the many brico places. Boxed goods and leather items can be affected but if so, usually just wiping them with a wet wipe will get rid of the mould. For mould on ceilings walls, spray bleach should be used (Iceland sell this) but please do not wipe. Gas Estufas can cause a problem so normally best to avoid these. If you think it is worse than it should be please contact us/the landlord.

Please look after the property as if it was your own so coasters on tables, use salt in the dishwasher and descale the kettle when needed are just a few points. When it rains please put under cover any cushions and secure furniture is windy. If you have any concerns that you have no storage etc., please speak to us.


We have got a separate section on this so please readhttp://www.villamia.net/article.aspx?articleid=9240


The owner will have insurance for buildings and their contents, but you cannot claim on their insurance. Therefore, to cover your items such as jewellery, laptops and phones, please arrange your own insurance.

Britta at the VillaMia office can do this and arrange a quote in minutes. Britta can be emailed on kiacrab@agencia.axa.es or call 966 447 363.

She can also help with other policies such as life, health and car insurance.


We can also help with car sales and car rental via Mia Cars - email info@miacars.net

Important information to know:

•Be aware where the fuse box is so you can check this first if your electricity goes off.

•You will need to take your rubbish out to the nearest bin so again ask if you are not sure where this is.

•If you are considering getting a pet, want to store any of the owner’s furniture or change anything such as painting a bedroom a different colour, please contact us first.

•If you have a storeroom and designated parking space, please check the numbers – this may be in the contract as well

•Post isn’t very reliable so we recommend getting your own post box – we use Personal Postal by Club de Tennis. You just need a copy of your passport and rental contract and they give you a box straight away for about 120 euros for the year. This way they take packages and even if you move address in the future your postal address will remain the same.

•If there is an alarm this may not be connected so ask if you want to pay and get this working

•If you are renting a villa then also make sure you know where the electricity and water meters are. Usually they are outside on the street but in an apartment, you may not have access. If you have an electric gate, ask if there is a key for a manual override so you can still get your car out if there is a power cut.

•If you have a pool man and gardener, we can pass on their details and let you know the days they go etc.

•Barbeques or any open fires are strictly controlled by the local municipality especially during the hot months, and if a property is in a residential complex there may be some restrictions regarding this and some other community rules.

•This is a list of useful numbers which may be worth printing and keep inside the property:http://www.villamia.net/article.aspx?articleid=9279

Quarterly Checks:

If we manage the property, VillaMia will undertake a quarterly check of the property. We will make an appointment with you in advance and will need access to every room and to the garden. As part of our quarterly check we will also contact the utility companies to ensure that bills are being paid.


Please give us or the landlord as much notice if you are not renewing the contract, although we should contact you a few months before the end to ask. We will arrange an exit inspection and collect the keys from you and take meter readings. The property has to be left as taken so clean throughout, light bulbs working, furniture as it was at the start and ready for new tenants to move in. You may need to accommodate any viewings that are set up prior to your departure but we will always fit around you. This allows us to minimise any gap between you leaving and the owner having new tenant. If the rental is not managed VillaMia will not be at the exit as this is between the landlord and tenant but any queries you can contact us.


If you have been satisfied with the service that we have given you, then we would appreciate it if you could find the time to recommend us to any other people that you may know in the local area who could benefit from working with us – either by renting or selling their house with us. Thank you.

Also, follow us on Facebook - www.facebook.com/VillaMia.Spain as we do post helpful information. You can also leave a review on there if you want (and we would appreciate that), and a review on google if possible.

Remember – we are here to help!

Having lived and worked in the local area for several years we have a good knowledge of local businesses, amenities, contacts etc – so please feel free to ask us for any information you require. If we do not know, we will find out for you.


Wishing you all the best in your new home in Costa Blanca North.



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