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Characteristics of a Good Estate Agent

Good communication skills
An estate agent needs to be able to communicate in various forms – from writing the initial property copy for the website to selling yourself to prospective clients over the phone/emails, to meeting them in person for viewings and
sometimes spending hours with them, ensuring their needs are met.

Customer care is extremely important. At VillaMia we respond promptly to all enquiries and contact clients regularly through our weekly email. We also let clients known when new suitable properties come on to the database.

We also do all the SEO to ensure that the right messages go out via advertising, the community support programme, website, and social media.

A good estate agent will also work with a number of other businesses such as utility and administration companies, the Notary, and builders. The list is endless and takes different forms of communication and languages.

Attention to detail

There is nothing worse than an advert with typos or being called the wrong name in an email. It is important to take care, pay attention and whenever possible get a second pair of eyes to check everything before
publication. It also helps to remember client information. For example, whether they have children or pets, a favourite holiday spot, or restaurant that they mentioned when you last spoke.

Good estate agents have a thorough understanding of all sides of Real Estate – from showing property to clients, writing contracts, negotiating offers and securing deals. They also aim to keep informed about developments in their field and new
legislation. Local knowledge is also important, and the VillaMia staff have  bought property in Spain themselves and know about schools and amenities in the area. Clients of course want an agent who is well-informed. VillaMia has a reputable lawyer on retainer with weekly meetings.

Although you need the right properties, people buy from people so it is important you get your personality over and come across as a people person. Estate agents need to be confident – the role wouldn’t suit someone shy. You need to be proactive, work under pressure, prioritise work and be good at listening and matching up suitable properties. So many times we have been told by clients that other agents didn’t listen and showed properties with too many steps or showers only when they specifically asked for a bath. It can be stressful at times but a good agent should always have a smile on their face and not show clients when they are feeling the pressure.

Hard working
It isn’t a 9-5 job, and if a client needs to view at 7pm after they finish work then you can´t turn the viewing down. You may have to work fiestas – which is particularly hard at VillaMia when the beach is only 5 steps away!

Many estate agents also don’t close for siesta and work straight through so often we skip lunch and get through the day on coffee.

It is also important you go the extra mile for clients – you may have to help set up internet, arrange a courier service or help with NIE numbers and opening a bank account. Providing the best service possible will lead to positive testimonials from clients, and if there are any issues raised it is important to see what can be changed for the future.

Right image
First impressions count so as well as a good and easy to navigate website, clean accessible office and presentable staff you will also need to remember to clean the car.

Also, with social media such as Facebook, you need to remember how you portray yourself will affect how clients see you so make sure you have a balance and not just photographs of staff getting drunk!

It is also good to support the local community and give something back. VillaMia has helped the 'Make a Smile' Greenhouse project which has resulted in clients, friends and family also getting involved. We also sponsored 'The big heart of Jávea charity calendar' in 2017 and 2018.

The best estate agents put the clients' interests first and are honest about any known issues, price and timings, even if this means that they change their mind about progressing with a deal. If you prioritise your own needs over the client's, this could become evident and worsen your relationship as well as potentially lead to a negative view of your agency. Clients will also have peace of mind if you tell them as it is. Too many times we have heard other agents simply take the money and then do not get involved if future problems arise. At VillaMia we are always on hand to help where we can and care more about the person and choosing the right property than we do the money.

Have unlimited patience and give the time and attention that each buyer, seller, landlord or tenant requires. Display facts clearly and allow plenty of time for clients to make decisions rather than pushing them into a sale or rental. We treat all clients equally, regardless of whether they are buying a one-bed apartment to a luxury villa. You do sometimes need the patience of a saint.

No two days are the same and you certainly need to be able to juggle several things at once. You will have a large amount of admin work, from writing, viewings, driving, photography, attending networking events and exhibitions, to accounts and public relations.

Enjoy what you do!
It isn’t just a job – it becomes part of you so you are always thinking about how you can attract new clients or properties. Your ears suddenly prick up when in a supermarket and you overhear someone talk about a property they are interested in. However, if you enjoy working in Real Estate this will shine through and improve your working relationships. The reward is seeing clients happy, settled and knowing you deserve every cent.

VillaMia also offers clients insurance through Britta Peters from Axa, who is also based at the office – telephone 607414129.

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