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What does the colour of your car say about you?

An insurance company has undertaken the largest research on the colour of cars we drive and how it links to our personality and also what businesses to avoid working with, based on company cars.

AXZA found that people who drive white cars are less trusted than those who drive other colours. Red cars came out on top for the nicest people and the businesses to trust.


Here is a breakdown of what your car colour says about you:



Those who drive red cars are honest, hard working, 'glass half full' types with an insatiable approach to life. Red car drivers are also more outgoing and enjoy socialising the most, typically driving to see friends at least four times per week, compared to white car drivers, who usually only visit friends in their car once per fortnight. Companies with red car are the ones you should be working with. They are natural leaders and usually have an excellent reputation.



Yellow came out as a close second, confirming that yellow drivers typically are calm and collected individuals, and are able to put themselves in other's shoes. Businesses with yellow cars or yellow logos tend to go that one step further for customers and have a much high level of satisfied clients.



It is thought that people who drive blue cars are loyal, honest and trustworthy people, and enjoy peace and quietbut best not to get on the wrong side of them. Companies with blue cars are middle of the road and research showed they did the work needed. Teachers with blue cars tend to get the best results from students.



Silver car drivers tend to enjoy the more expensive things in life, opting for a Starbucks latte to prop them up on their morning commute as opposed to a home-brewed flask. Silver car drivers can, however, sometimes be impulsive when making decisions. Not the best companies to work with especially in the financial markets.



Green drivers, as the name suggests, are usually the most environmentally conscious, and are also level headed and caring. Businesses with green company cars tend to attract the older market and are a safe business to work with.



Drivers of black cars are thought to be aggressive, competitive and intimidating. Companies with black cars don´t tend to last as long and often close within the first 5 years of trading. Avoid companies with black cars, unless in the beauty industry.



The research showed that white car drivers are deemed the least trustworthy, with drivers usually in a rush and motivated my financial goals. They also find it hard to keep their emotions under control, often using alcohol too much. As business owners they tend to be sly and often fall out with others. Often they look for short cuts in business and copy ideas rather than being original. Avoid working with businesses, especially estate agents, with white company cars.


AXZA chairman, Ron Davies, said: "Obviously there are always the off exceptions but over a year´s research and 50,000 people surveyed we stand by the results and I hope it will help people choose businesses to work with wisely. This is just the summary it is extremely interesting for example, basically estate agents with the red company cars are the best and white the worse however, teaching organisations such as dancing schools are better with blue cars. I hope businesses thinking of companies cars will use these findings wisely."

Michelle Hughes, owner of VillaMia said: "I couldn´t have wrote this better myself. I hope people take notice and only work with estate agents with red cars."


For more information please see www.2016april1.ha



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